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Designed with Purpose

“We are a design company that does good.”

That was the defining idea behind Publicwill. We want to make beautiful things that serve a function. And we want our company to always deliver a social impact.

That is how we came up with “Designed with Purpose.” It is a core belief that infuses everything we do, everything we make and how we want to show up in the world.

Our Designed with Purpose approach starts with a series of questions:

  • Who are we designing for?
  • How will our products be used?
  • Can we use sustainable materials if possible?
  • Is it beautiful and functional?
  • Would we buy it?

But what are we really trying to do?

We want to make things that start a conversation. Either through specific design choices, materials, function or what the product says about the person who bought it. We aren’t making our products in every color and every shape. We intend to make small quantities of everything. We meticulously think through the combinations that we feel represent the idea and we make just one version of it.

But we aren’t just focused on our own designs. If we see something that someone else created, we will call it out and share it. We are inspired by anyone who strives to bring their vision to life.

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