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A new virtual reality film - X Ray Fashion - takes a clear eyed look at the fast fashion industry and its impact on t...

Publicwill Joins 1% for the Planet

We are excited to join 1% for the Planet and support organizations that help clean up our oceans and protect open spa...

Support Giving Tuesday

Publicwill is proud to support Giving Tuesday by donating 50% of each sale to charity.

The Hoodie - A Manufacturing Journey

We set out to bring together design, style and function with the softest material we could find. It took us nine mont...

Why Make a T-shirt?

We didn't set out to make a t-shirt. It's not very original. But to get it just right, we had to hand-craft it from s...

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Product Company

So you have an idea. Now what? There are limitless possibilities for how to bring it to life. Where do you start?

3 Reasons to Make it in the USA

There's a reason so many products are made overseas. It's cheaper. But you can make amazing products right in the US.

Designed with Purpose

Designed with Purpose is a core belief that infuses everything we do, everything we make and how we want to show up i...

What's in a Name?

Naming a brand is quite possibly one of the hardest decisions you can make. But done right and can set you up for suc...

Make the World you Want

You can make anything you want. Literally. If you can think it up, you can make it.
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