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The Hoodie - A Manufacturing Journey

The hoodie became popular in recent years as a certain tech founder made it his daily uniform. But you don’t have to work in tech to make it a staple. A fashionable hoodie can work well in so many ways.

We set out to bring together design, style and function with the softest material we could find. It took us nine months of sampling, fitting and testing to create The Hoodie.

Finding the Right Fabric

We wanted to make a really soft garment made primarily from more eco-friendly materials. There are so many options. Thick. Lightweight. Heavy fleece. Combinations of materials. It’s endless. But when you lean more toward sustainability, the options get limited. And our overarching design goal of supreme softness also made it difficult.

To get what we were looking for, we needed to create our own fabric. The primary component is Modal, an amazing fiber made from reconstituted beech trees. It is naturally breathable and super soft. We blended this with organic cotton and just a bit of spandex to help The Hoodie keep its shape. The result is a silky soft, luxurious feel.

The Zipper Matters

With our fabric locked, we zeroed in on the zipper. Nothing is more frustrating than a zipper that gets stuck. You try and try to get it to zip and it sticks every couple of inches. No matter what, we wanted to make sure our hoodie had the smoothest zipper we could find. We found UCAN, a luxury zipper manufacturer in Los Angeles. We geeked out on zippers at their factory one day, pulling them up and down and putting them through their paces. And then we created a custom color combination for our men’s and women’s design. Every single person who tried on The Hoodie during the test phase commented on the zipper. Mission accomplished.

A Modern Fit

Lastly, we focused on fit. We own lots of hoodies. There are a few things that always drive us crazy. Drawstrings on the hood and shallow pockets. We set out to fix that. We eliminated the draw strings because we never fully understood the purpose on a fashionable piece. And we made our pockets deeper so your whole hand is covered. Coupled with a modern cut, The Hoodie will work in a variety of settings.

With made custom colors for men’s and women’s as well as a few other design surprises. But most important, we didn’t make very many. This is truly a one-of-a-kind, limited edition garment. The Hoodie journey comes to end. Enjoy.

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